Plan Your Own Run/Walk: Planning Steps

If there isn’t currently a Run for Congo Women near you, bring the movement to your town! There are a few ways to do it:

We recommend starting out by forming a “Team Congo” or participating yourself in a local run/walk. It could be a marathon, half-marathon, 5K, or even a fun run! You can search for established running events to register for. Then just start fundraising (download our Fundraising Tips) and off you go!

Then, make it an annual event and grow your Team Congo each year. Once you’ve got a good amount of people in your community dedicated to running for Congo Women, you might want to think about organizing your own Run for Congo Women event.

1) Choose a date, time, location and route.

2) Create a budget.

(Please note: at this time, Women for Women International is unable to provide funding for your Run for Congo Women). Set a goal for how much money you’d like to raise, and think about how you’ll achieve that goal (how many participants will you be able to recruit, how much will you “charge” as a registration fee, how much do you expect them to fundraise, etc). Then think about your costs. Can you get items like granola bars and water donated? Can you hold the run/walk in a park that doesn’t charge any permit fees? If after you create a budget it seems that your expected costs are more than 25% of your expected “income,” you might want to stick to participating in established local running events so that all of the funds raised can go to the Congo as opposed to having to spend lots of time and money on event-planning.

3) Gather friends and family and form a planning team!

Delegate tasks like securing food and beverage, printing signs, getting entertainment, and recruiting runners.

4) Think about how you want people to register for the event.

You might want to use a free online registration system such as or and ask people to pay their registration fee upon arrival at the event. Be sure to also ask registrants to fundraise through our online system by setting up a fundraising page at Download our Fundraising Tips and share those with your participants.

5) Start spreading the word!

Use the tools available on our website to spread the word offline and online. Distribute Flyers and Donate or Sponsor Forms. Send emails and share information about what has happened in the Congo and why you were moved to plan this event. Post the event on popular local websites and ask popular local bloggers to write about it. Go to gyms and running stores and ask them to post flyers. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about the Congo and your upcoming run.

6) Make sure you are following all local rules and the rules of your venue.

Does the city allow raffles? Does the venue require an EMT on site? Insurance?     

7) Monitor registration and fundraising as your run/walk draws near.

Are you staying on budget? Do you need to make adjustments to your costs?

8) Make sure you have what you need for the day of the event.

Think about things like registration lists, forms for people to register on-site, Donate or Sponsor Forms, Women for Women International literature, and handy office supplies like staplers, tape, paperclips and paperweights. Do you have volunteers in place to check runners in? Do you have signage and/or balloons to help guide them?

9) On the day of the event, stay organized and have fun!

Take plenty of photos.

10) When you’ve collected funds, be sure to convert any cash to US check or money order with a note stating that the check represents the cash donations of several individuals

(cash donors will not receive tax acknowledgements unless specifically requested). Any individual who writes a check for $25 or more will automatically receive a tax acknowledgement letter from us. If they donate online on your personal fundraising webpage, they will receive an email acknowledgement. When you mail in funds, please mail them to:

Women for Women International
Global Support Center
Attn: Run for Congo Women (RUNCONGO11)
PO Box 9224
Central Islip, NY 11722-9224

11) Let us know how it went!

Email us at with questions or to share your stories.


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